* I will supply my child with morning tea, lunch, drink and the appropriate clothing every day they attend the programme.
* I give permission for my child to participate in the activities scheduled.
* I agree for my child to be transported to and from activities scheduled.
* I will apply sunscreen to my child prior to drop off at Harbourside Holiday Program and After school care. I give permission for my child to have sunscreen applied as needed.
* Harbourside Holiday Program and After school care reserves the right to change an activity and will provide notification as soon as possible.
* Children MUST BE signed in on the daily register upon arrival and signed off when collected by the authorized parent/caregiver.
*Harbourside Holiday Program and After school care Staff may obtain medical treatment for my child when required at my expense.
The information that you have supplied is necessary for the safe and effective operation of the Oscar.
* I authorize for my child to be photographed or filmed during programme activities. All personal information will be kept confidential. You are welcome to review information.
*Full fees will apply to all booked absences. A fee applies if any child attends outside their booked times. pertaining to your child’s enrolment at any time.
*I agree to give one week’s notice should I wish to withdraw my child from the programme. A withdraw slip must be completed by the parent/caregiver.
*The Harbourside Holiday Program and After school care Staff are not responsible for children before or after the programme times.
* I will provide written notification for my child walking or biking to or from the programme. Forms are available from the office.
*The programme policy and procedures are available at the office. This identifies areas in health and safety, supervision, behaviour management and complaints, I am aware that I may have access to the document at any time.
* Parents/Caregivers are welcome to observe their children while on the programme however if the staff feel that this is an effect on the participants or activity they may be asked to leave.
* If my child has special circumstances I will notify staff of their requirements and implications they may cause on enrolment.
*Recognising that staff will do their best to ensure a safe experience, I acknowledge that the Harbourside Holiday Program and After school care and its staff will be free and clear of all liability in the event that any injury, damage or loss is sustained by my child or to personal effects.

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